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Officially Yours is strengthening the game one athlete at a time! We are offering an innovative series of workshops using the expertise of the most informed person on the court...the referee! Our workshops, are taught only by certified officials and are designed to educate players, coaches, parents, and fans about the rules of the game and proper game sportsmanship.

This is a unique opportunity for players and others to gain invaluable insight on the rules of the game. Also, how to avoid nuisance violations and penalties that can shift momentum and affect the final outcome of a game. Officially Yours workshops are interactive and fun! These sessions are tailored to fit the different levels of play, from grade school to the high school varsity level. Every participant will leave the workshop with a certificate certifying their knowledge of the rules and good sportsmanship practices.

Also, every participant will receive a parting gift with the "Officially Yours" logo on it and one lucky contest winner will receive a special prize.

Know The Rules

Officially Yours believes that an accurate knowledge of the rules is not just essential, it's critical as competitiveness and athleticism are at an all time high! In this era, every team has players who can run fast, jump high, catch and deliver the ball with lighting speed and accuracy.

The team with better understanding of the rules will be able to out wit their opponent more easily! Officially Yours will instruct your players on the important rules and provide interactive demonstrations on how they are effectively applied.!

Improve Your Sportsmanship

The competitive spirit is one unmatched by most other human emotions. Officially Yours will help that spirit to flourish by highlighting the key elements that  make good sportsmanship great! Our workshops are designed to convey why and how teams, parents, and fan bases should display proper sportsmanship decorum. Our workshops demonstrate specific techniques that optimize the sporting experience through cooperation, conflict avoidance, and resolution.

Officially Yours will help you take your game to the next level! We truly are strengthening the game one athlete at a time! To sign up now, simply click on the link workshop at the top of the page and fill out the order form or call to set up your workshops.